This product has been discontinued

Nolan N-Com Basic Kit 2 for N102/N42


  • Manufacturer: Nolan


Nolan N-Com Basic Kit 2

With Basic Kit 2, you can connect via cable your Nolan helmet pre-set with N-Com to a mobile phone or to multimedia devices: Mp3 players, satellite navigators, GMRS and PMR radio and for bike-to-bike communication.

Basic Kit2 is also the basic equipment needed for intercom systems of the N-Com line -- Intercom Kit, Bluetooth Kit2 – thanks to which you can obtain functions and performances capable of satisfying even the most demanding user. 

  • 1 Basic Kit for each helmet
  • 1 Intercom Ebox on each helmet for volume control on each helmet OR 1 Intercom Ebox on the rider’s helmet (passenger does not have volume control); Intercom Ebox comes with the Intercom wire