This product has been discontinued

Nolan N-Com MCS II Complete Kit - Spyder for N103/N91/N90/N86/N85/N45E Helmets


  • Manufacturer: Nolan


Nolan N-Com MCS II Complete Kit - Spyder for N103/91/90/86/85/45E Helmets

Installs into an N-COM-ready helmet just like the Basic Kit and allows wired connection to the bike's radio, intercom, GPS, CB, etc.

This MCS II kit includes everything that you need to use the audio system of your bike. It includes:

  • The headset, speakers (stereo), microphone, and connectors.
  • The lower cord to plug into your motorcycle is longer and features a 90 degree micro USB attachment.
This headset system fits right into the Nolan helmets and does not require any modification of the shell or the inside of the helmet. It plugs directly into your bike and does not require any of the BlueTooth electronics that the other N-com headsets require.

Notes & Exceptions:

  • MCS cannot be used with an N-COM Bluetooth or Intercom kit nor multimedia wires (for connecting extremal audio sources)
  • Fits Can-Am Spyder RT