This product has been discontinued

Nolan N103 / N43 / N90 / N85 N-Com Basic Kit 2


  • Manufacturer: Nolan



Nolan N-Com Basic Kit 2 for N103/N90/N85/N43 Helmet

The upgraded speakers make listening to music an enjoyable experience and the rider can choose to not install the microphone if he does not plan to communicate.

Basic Kit 2 can be used with a Bluetooth E-Box for wireless connection with a passenger or with other devices such as a phone, GPS, etc.

The Basic Kit 2 is required for utilizing the Bluetooth Kit 3, Bluetooth Kit 2.1 and Bluetooth Kit 2. This kit fits all versions of the N103, N90, N85 and N43. As the basis of the system, it is necessary for Bluetooth Kit 3, Bluetooth Kit 2.1, Bluetooth Kit 2 N-Com applications.


  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Connecting plates and wires

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