This product has been discontinued

Ohlins TTX36 MKII Shock Absorber - HO 931


  • Manufacturer: Ohlins


Manufacturer Part Number: HO 931

Öhlins TTX36 MKII Shock Absorber

  • Raises the level of performance by integrating internal improvements with exacting external details; the result is a shock absorber with the latest developments from hlins, all learned from experience in MotoGP and WSBK
  • Redesigned, solid-band piston reduces free play for better bump absorption
  • Inner and outer tubes feature proprietary carbon steel bodies
  • Unprecedented damping consistency helps maintain high tolerances during duress of racetrack extremes
  • Redesigned damping check valves and valve spring rates improve management of inertia of oil flow
  • External, side-by-side damper adjusters have also been redesigned
  • Dynamic improvements include less hysteresis, freedom from cavitation and completely isolated rebound and compression damping functions resulting in improved and predictable traction
  • Wide adjuster range; all adjustments done on the cylinder head of the shock absorber