This product has been discontinued

OnGuard Mastiff 10mm Chain w/ Disc Lock


  • Manufacturer: OnGuard


OnGuard Mastiff 10mm Chain w/ Disc Lock

  • 10mm; 3'7"; 6.3 lbs. with disc lock has a Five Star plus security level rating making this lock the ultimate in theft resistant locks for high crime areas
  • Titanium Enforced Hexagonal Hardened Steel Chain
  • Water and heat resistant embroidered chain cover with velcro closures
  • X4 Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism
  • 13mm Ultra Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Pick, pull, and drill resistant M-Key Cylinder featuring Bumplok with rotating dust cover
  • 5 laser cut keys, 1 with a LED micro-light
  • Protective coatings on the cross bar and shackle
Size Info:
  • Massif 5019 - 10mm chain 3.57 Feet
  • Massif 5019L - 10mm chain 5.19 Feet