This product has been discontinued

Pirelli Diablo Rosso Front Tire


  • Manufacturer: Pirelli


  • The new concept tire from Pirelli is called the Diablo Rosso. Instead of using multi- compounds, they use what is called EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) to ensure a better grip and better performance on the road.
  • Based on their leading experience in the motorcycle racing world, they produced this tire for the street legal (super)sports motorcycles. Sports motorcycles have been increasing their power and torque over the last decade, and the tires need to follow this trend. Current tires are limited, hence the reason Pirelli came out with a new concept.
  • The structure design is aimed to maximize - at every lean angle and every speed - the contact patch; in terms of area, shape and pressure. This combination supports the tread to reach an unbeatable level of grip and stability. The tire structure has been designed in order to get the set synchronized into balanced behavior, with the 2 tires perfectly matched in dynamic use.
  • The patented Zero Degrees steel belt below the tread keeps the tires in the most suitable shape at all times and yet provides enough elasticity for a very progressive feedback and behavior in lean, allied to unbeatable bump absorption. With the support of the compound the zero degrees steel belt also guarantees huge braking stability.