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Popular Motorcycle Exhaust Brands


These Slovenian masters are all about exhausts. Priding themselves on metallurgical innovation, performance is the first priority of each model. Akrapovic has a deep racing presence, resulting in some of the highest-end exhausts available today.

Arlen Ness

The legendary custom motorcycle builder lent his name to this product line. And that means a lot. Expect unparalleled style and skilled craftsmanship with these cruiser-oriented exhausts.

Baron Custom Accessories

A good old American parts company, started by a young guy who liked to customize anything with wheels. If you're looking for some old-school steel for your metric or standard cruiser, this is it.


Darryl Bassani's expertise is as extensive as his mustache. These guys focus solely on exhausts, and it shows. This small-time manufacturer consistently outperforms the larger exhaust makers in both horsepower and torque.


Cobra is an American icon. Offering a huge product line, Cobra makes it easy to find an exhaust system that will work on your bike. Better yet, it will work well.

FMF Racing

FMF is a household name around here. Strictly focusing on exhausts, FMF builds every single pipe - in its entirety - by hand. These pipes are a staple at every motocross track and sand pit, worldwide.

HMF Engineering

Not to be confused with FMF, HMF Engineering focuses more on four-wheeled, off-road machines. Of course, you can still find some two-wheeler exhausts in their hand-built, American-made product line.


The company motto: "Look fast, be fast." In our experience, these exhausts pay more attention to the former pursuit. Expect a flashy sportbike exhaust in terms of noise and style.


Kuryakyn is a go-to brand for Harley, metric cruiser and Goldwing customizers. With a very large product line, the main purpose of these exhausts is looking and sounding good.

Pro Circuit

Started by an 18-year-old prodigee, this off-road exhaust specialist has a great reputation for performance. Perhaps you've heard of the racers that trust Pro Circuit performance - Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael...


One of the few cruiser exhaust manufacturers that focuses on performance first. Every SuperTrapp exhaust is designed, built and tested for a particular motorcycle model. That means it will fit seamlessly and perform perfectly.

Two Brothers Racing

Two Brothers started in the pits. The racing-born company quickly gained popularity off the track as well, and they started catering to more casual riders. Even still, Two Brothers exhausts are the some of the most race-oriented options out there.

Vance & Hines

This American aftermarket part manufacturer has a refreshing outlook. They realize that American steel isn't enough on its own. Rather, cutting-edge designs and innovative manufacturing processes are required to stay on top. The balance between tradition and innovation results in a lineup of very popular exhausts.


Born in post-war Japan, few exhaust manufacturers have as much experience as Yoshimura. These premium exhausts are known for extreme weight-saving and enormous horsepower gains. If you have the cash - and Akrapovic isn't an option - Yoshimura might be the best way to spend it.

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