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Popular Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bell  The undisputed helmet giant. Bell makes everything from entry-level lids to race-ready helmets. Bell is known for dependability, value and a wide product line.


agv-logoAGV – An Italian helmet manufacturer, making primarily race-oriented, high-end helmets. AGV is known for their presence in MotoGP and their suitability for aggressive riders.


arai-logoArai – A premium helmet manufacturer from Japan. Expect to get the best of the best, and to pay a lot for it.


hjc-logoHJC – A colossal helmet manufacturer, mass-producing their products and distributing worldwide. HJC dominates the entry-level market, although their lineup stretches into mid-range prices. Expect phenomenal value for money.


icon-logoIcon – Icon tends toward middle range prices, but sometimes offers high-end features. They are known for gorgeous styling and straight-up outlandish graphics.


nolan-logoNolan – An Italian helmet manufacturer in the middle to premium range. They are known to offer high-end features at slightly less refinement and cost. Nolan helmets are compatible with their own N-comm system.


schuberth-logoSchuberth – A German manufacturer of premium motorcycle helmets. They are known for being at the top of the food chain, especially in terms of technological advancement. Schuberth sets the bar, and it’s an expensive one. Their SRC system is one of the few neck roll comms out there.

scorpion-logoScorpion – An entry to mid-range helmet manufacturer with a very wide lineup. They are known for good value and wild graphic designs.


Shoei – Shoei helmets are on the premium side, but also stretch into middle range prices. They are known for technological refinement, having pioneered many advancements in motorcycle helmet design. Shoei commands a lot of brand loyalty from experienced riders.

fox-logoFox Racing – Fox is a legendary manufacturer of off-road helmets. They are known to be especially in tune with the dirt rider’s needs, and they cover their bases with entry-level to advanced models.


thor-logoThor – Much like Fox, Thor is an iconic helmet manufacturer in the off-road world. They sit slightly lower on the quality and cost scale: somewhere between the entry and middle ranges.

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