This product has been discontinued

Progressive Suspension 940 Series Ultra Touring Shocks


  • Manufacturer: Progressive Suspension



Progressive Suspension 940 IAS Ultra Touring Rear Shocks

Specifically designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1" lowered stance, the Ultra Touring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided by these 13" eye to eye units, but provide a 1" lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while it's being ridden, but also while it's on the side stand.

  • Sits lower than full length shocks but retains all travel for ultra smooth ride
  • Built around Progressive Suspensions IAS series technology
  • Separates wheel movement from chassis movement
  • Progressive Rate Main springs specifically designed for touring
  • Secondary Spring allows full droop travel and lowered stance
  • Adjust spring pre-load by hand with threaded adjusters (does not require special tools)
  • Made in the U.S.A.