This product has been discontinued

QuadBoss Boom Bag Upgrade Kit


  • Manufacturer: QuadBoss


QuadBoss Boom Bag Upgrade Kit for Zipper-less Oversized Bag

  • Equipped with a rockin Cycle Sounds System
  • Waterproof 5 1/4in. 200 watt speakers, distortion free 50 watt 2 channel digital amplifier, which puts out over 100db
  • Connects your iPod, MP3 player or satelite radio to the integrated jack
  • Rugged 600 denier polyester body material is colorfast, UV-resistant and water repellant
  • Modular bags fit on the QuadBoss Oversized Bag
  • Pouch for iPod or other MP3 players attaches to ATV gas cap and tanks with 3 included self-adhesive rip and grip strips
  • Clear water-resistant pouch treated with anti-cold crack additive
  • Versatile design for top or bottom earbud/Boom Bag cord access
  • Removable cooler with shoulder strap fits inside the large compartment of the QuadBoss Oversized Bag