This product has been discontinued

QuadBoss Mudder Clutch Kit with Severe Duty Belt - 55-8516


  • Manufacturer: QuadBoss


Manufacturer Part Number: 55-8516 / WE394662

QuadBoss Mudder Clutch Kit with Severe Duty Belt

  • Designed to improve the performance on or off the trails without losing the reliability of your ATV
  • Ideal for those who have 28-29.5" tires and play in sticky clay/gumbo mud
  • This kit is not recommended for trail riding
  • More efficient in transferring the power of your ATV down to the tires
  • Designed to improve low and mid-range acceleration
  • Helps to decrease belt slippage, which will decrease clutch heat
  • Will enhance back shifting and throttle response
  • Field tested to assure your satisfaction
  • Designed for stock motor and stock exhaust
  • Includes Severe Duty Belt

Note: For 0-3000' elevation. Not recommended for trail riding. You will see a top speed reduction. Components vary by model and style of kit. Sample kit shown.