This product has been discontinued

QuadBoss Pile Driver Articulating Push Tube


  • Manufacturer: QuadBoss



QuadBoss Pile Driver Articulating Push Tube

  • Patent pending design
  • Unique articulating push tube provides blade with over 22in. of lift height
  • Quickly attaches and detaches in seconds from Mount kit, from the front of ATV/UTV, no tools required
  • Simply detaches by pulling handle from front of ATV/UTV
  • Made from heavy-duty steel tubing, providing optimal pushing power
  • The best of both worlds. Has the lift height and quick attach of a front mount system with the durability and pushing power of a belly mount plow system
  • Powder-coated paint provides tough durable finish
  • Hardware included
  • Made in USA

How to order your QuadBoss plow system:

1 Choose Your Plow Blade:
PREMIUM Plow Blade or
2 Choose Your Push Tube:
Straight Push Tube or
Articulating Push Tube
3 Choose Your Mounting Kit:
Universal Mount Kit or
ATV Mount Kit (vehicle specific)
4 Order Your Lift System:
Manual Lift

Installation Instructions (4.12 MB)