This product has been discontinued

Rush Side Kicks - WE-UC


  • Manufacturer: Rush Racing Products


Manufacturer Part Number: WE-UC

Rush Racing Products Side Kicks

  • Designed to offer the rider the freedom of 2 wheels when riding and the stability of 4 wheels when you stop and start. SIDE KICKS give you back the feeling of control over your bike when you need it the most. They are designed to provide you with stability at slow speeds when you are coming to a stop, making slow speed turns, slowly maneuvering in tight areas, sitting in traffic, and taking off from a stop.
  • An economical alternative to a trike or to expensive trike conversion kits
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Adjustments with simple tools allow you to adjust the height of your SIDE KICKS along with the height of your footpegs to insure a comfortable ride and ease of deployment
  • Works by simply pushing down on the footpegs to deploy the wheels and removing your foot to retract them
  • Black finish
  • Note: SIDE KICKS do not replace your kickstand, they are only functional when downward force is applied. This product is to be used for support only and are not intended for highway use or offroad use. If used for other than the intended purpose they may cause injury.
  • Tires are not rated for highway speeds