This product has been discontinued

Cardo Q2 Pro


  • Manufacturer: Cardo


Please note that this unit includes only 1 headset.

Cardo Q2 Pro

Following the global success of the Cardo Q2, Cardo has developed the Cardo Q2 PRO headset. The Q2 PRO offers even more value with Bike-to-Bike intercom communication for a distance of up to an impressive 700m/2,300 ft* The Cardo Q2 PRO features technological advances for smooth and effortless communication. Embedded PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) technology allows real-time compensation of audio losses in challenging environments and makes your conversations sound clearer than ever. Thanks to MDC (Multiple Device Connection) technology, the Cardo Q2 PRO allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with other bikers or with a passenger on the back seat via intercom, conduct calls on their mobile phones and listen to music and radio. Entertainment features now include wireless A2DP stereo music or MP3 player connection via cable as well as built-in FM radio with RDS.

  • Bike-to-Bike Intercom: Alternate between 2 other riders within a range of 700m / 2,300 ft*
  • Rider-to-Passenger** communications: Both Rider and Passenger using Q2 PRO headsets can communicate via intercom as well as independently conduct mobile phone calls, listen to MP3 music in stereo or to the built-in FM radio
  • Full Duplex: No longer the walkie-talkie syndrome where one party can only speak when the other is silent. The Cardo Q2 PRO allows bikers and passengers to talk and listen simultaneously
  • The Cardo Q2 PRO is also available with a corded microphone to fiteven the tightest full-faced helmets
  • Thanks to MDC technology the Cardo Q2 PRO offers parallel connectivity as follows: Alternate between two additional Cardo headsets on intercom mode and one of the following Bluetooth devices
  • Mobile Phone (either directly or via a GPS device)
  • GPS device
  • A2DP enabled MP3 Player orAdapter
  • Priority Management: No need to manually disconnect from intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions
  • Built-In FM Radio with RDS
  • Connection to an MP3 Player (cable included)
  • Results may vary according to terrain