This product has been discontinued

Scott NSXI/RecoilXi/80/89X/87/83 Replacement Works Lens


  • Manufacturer: Scott


    Color Descriptions:
  • Clear - Clear Maximum light transmission for all weather conditions including late afternoon and night riding.
  • Anti-fog Coated (AFC) - Maximum light transmission. Features a hydrophilic coating to eliminate fogging. Anti-stick - For use with WORKS Film System; prevents film from sticking to lens. Features a hydrophilic coating to eliminate fogging.
  • Grey - Reduces glare while maintaining visual clarity in bright lighting conditions.
  • Grey Gradient - Graduated grey tint relieves fatigue and eye strain for long rides in direct sunlight.
  • Amp Yellow - Increases depth of field and visual clarity in overcast conditions with low or flat light.
  • Amp Blue - Visual clarity with increased contrast in most light conditions.
  • Amp Rose - Improved depth perception in all weather, especially in partly cloudy or bright light conditions.
  • Chrome - Visual clarity and contrast in bright lighting conditions. [Available in black, blue, & green]