This product has been discontinued

Sena SMH10 Replacement Main Module


  • Manufacturer: Sena


Sena SMH10 Replacement Main Module

This is the USB version (2nd edition) upgrade module. If you have the original version and would like to have the new features available from firmware upgrades you can buy this module and use it with your existing clamps. This does not include the manual clamp etc and is only for people who already have a Sena SMH10 and want to upgrade or replace a broken module. Includes Bluetooth module only. Sync / power cable is a micro USB to USB cord similar to many newer cell phones and can be purchased locally if you don't already have one.

Included Items:

  • (1) Main module
  • (1) 46" cable with (1) USB connector end and with (1) mini HDMI connector end

Manufacturer Part Number: SMH10-M01