This product has been discontinued

Shoei CW-1 and CNS-1 Shield Pinlock Insert


  • Manufacturer: Shoei


Shoei CW-1 and CNS-1 Shield Pinlock Lens
  • Pinlock antifog lens insert (DOES NOT INCLUDE FACESHIELD)

Fogging up is a thing of the past! The Pinlock® System is based on three basic principles, which work together like nothing else. Moisture absorbing material: Unlike the face shield, the Pinlock® insert lens is made of a soft and porous plastic. Material thickness: Because thicker material absorbs more moisture and offer more impact protection. Double lens system: The airtight pocket in between the Pinlock® insert lens and the face shield creates an extra insulation layer, further increasing the anti fogging properties of the total system. Pinlock® Lens Insert created out of a moisture absorbing plastic, the integrated silicone seal creates an air tight double visor when combined with a Pinlock® Shield.