This product has been discontinued

Show Chrome (Big Bike Parts) Prairie Dog 2 1/4" Perfect Powder Baffle - 6-101


  • Manufacturer: Show Chrome Accessories


Manufacturer Part # 6-101

This dual powder baffle provides a downward facing baffle riveted to a reversed upward facing baffle, each with six (6) powder flow holes. This stacked design allows the baffle to be positioned differently for ultimate control in powder flow. When reloading your own ammunition it is common to produce 500 to 1,000 rounds per hour. At this rate your powder reservoir empties pretty fast. The weight of powder in the tube affects how full of a charge your bullets receive. A baffle ensures consistent weight on the powder at the bottom of the reservoir, giving you consistent loads. This copyrighted design eliminates direct weight from the powder in the powder tube reservoir to the charge bar allowing the most consistent and accurate flows. Whether the powder reservoir tube is full, half way or almost empty your average load should be consistent within 0.04 grains.