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Simon's Best Motorcycle Exhaust of 2015

Simon chats about replacing the exhaust on his ZX-14R. He has his eye on the Akrapovic Racing Line Full System Exhaust. On Simon’s pudgy Ninja, these pipes will shave a whopping fifteen pounds off the stock weight. They come in a variety of finishes and shapes, and will certainly make the ZX-14R sound like the terrifying beast that it is.

Most of all, Simon is stoked about the performance graph available on the Canada’s Motorcycle product page. This indicates that the Akrapovic will supply a broad power increase across the entire range, numbering around 3-5 horsepower.

What!? No more best-selling exhausts for 2015?

That’s right.

Since motorcycle exhausts are bike-specific, a “top-five” countdown isn’t very helpful. We could recommend a few more pipes, but only a handful of riders would actually be able to use them.

Instead, start your search by looking at the exhausts that fit your motorcycle. Then, give us a shout if you want some bike-specific product recommendations. Our customer service crew loves to share their intelligent (and biased) opinions.

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