This product has been discontinued

Smith Fuel V.2 Hart & Huntington Goggles


  • Manufacturer: Smith


Smith Fuel v.2 Hart & Huntington Goggles

In a collaboration launched in 2009, Smith Optics and Hart & Huntington are stepping up their signature collection and providing you the integration of Smith's heritage in premium performance eyewear and Carey Hart's unique tattoo-shop styling. The Fuel v.2's Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System provides unmatched face fit and helmet integration while the exhaustive engineering to the frame design optimizes fit and comfort while promoting just the right amoung of airflow to keep your vision clear and fog-free. Add the unique graphics inspired by original H&H art, custom packaging, and the endorsed support of Carey Hart and the H&H Supercross team and you have Smith X H&H.

*Note: Includes Roll Off System and Goggle Bag