This product has been discontinued

Smooth Industries MX Unplugged Board Game


  • Manufacturer: Smooth Industries


Smooth Industries MX Unplugged Board Game

If you've ever dreamed of winning the Lucas Oil Motocross championship, this is your chance! A wildly fun and entertaining game for the whole family is just minutes away with easy to learn rules, Block-pass and knock down your opponent cards and upgrades for your bike. Stay out of those ruts and try not to crash! Ages 6 and up, 2-6 players, 10-30min playtime. Perfect for those cold winter days/nights ahead. *The companies and riders displayed in this game have generously donated the use of their likeness and logos. A portion of the sales from this game will support the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center.


During your turn, play cards to advance your bike. Opponents may play Knock Down cards to reduce your movement. At the end f your turn, fill your hand back to 5 cards. Be the first rider to cross the finish line to win the game!

Manufacturer Part Number: 1776-200