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Technical Features of Motorcycle Boots

When you're shopping on FortNine, the product descriptions will be filled with all kinds of mumbo-jumbo. And yes, sometimes the manufacturers just make stuff up to impress you.

However, there are a few technical features that are worth paying attention to. The ones we find most important are:

  • Toe Sliders: Hard plates on the outside of each foot, which allow crazy people to drag their toes in a corner.
  • Shifter Pads: A grippy, firm panel on the top of the left foot. It’s for shifting, obviously. Take note: shifter pads aren't helpful for heel-toe shifters. They won’t do any harm either.
  • Soft Soles: They offer more grip, but have a poorer abrasion resistance and longevity.
  • Hard Soles: Less grip, more durability.
  • (Removable) Inner Liners: These little booties are adjustable, to give the boot a more precise fit. If removable, they are normally easy to wash and dry.
  • Oil Resistance: Roads and engines are oily places, which will quickly degrade the glues and materials in a motorcycle boot. If you find boots with oil-resistant soles, you can expect them to last longer.
  • GORE-TEX: The undisputed god of waterproofing. GORE-TEX is known for being both ventilated and impermeable, which is a neat trick. HyperTex and Aero-Tex accomplish similar feats.
  • TPU: Most plastics are good for armour panelling, but TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) deserves a special mention. It’s more flexible, oil resistant and abrasion resistant than its competitors. Look for TPU in premium models.

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