This product has been discontinued

TecMate Optimate 1 3-Step 900mA Battery Charger/Maintainer


  • Manufacturer: TecMate


TecMate Optimate 1 3-Step 900mA Battery Charger/Maintainer

  • Automatic charger for 12V leadacid batteries of all types, with standard filler caps, or sealed (MF) maintenance-free and GEL
  • Ideal for maintaining batteries of seasonally used or stored vehicles of all types
  • Three-step charging program ensures effective charging of the battery
  • Totally safe for prolonged connection to the battery, without risk of overcharging
  • Easy to use, connect to battery, then to the power socket and the rest is automatic
  • An auto-resetting thermal fuse switches off the chargers output circuit if the internal temperature for any reason exceeds a safe limit, to protect the charger from burn-out
  • Includes weatherproof connector with eyelets for permanent connection and battery clips for bench charging


Manufacturer Part Number: TM-85