This product has been discontinued

TecMate SynchroMate 2


  • Manufacturer: TecMate



TecMate SynchroMate 2

  • Accurate - Synchronize to within 0.2 cm HG, true resolution & no friction or inertia.
  • Compact - The SynchroMate measures only 22 x 11 cm and weights only 0.5 kg.
  • Calibrated - Pre-calibrated at the factory. Thereafter, it automatically self adjust to barometric pressure changes.
  • Rugged - No glass, no mercury, no sensitive dial gauges, no moving parts and comes with a protective rubber holster.
  • Affordable - Cost no more than a set of good quality dial gauges.
  • Trouble free - Built using reliable solid-state electronics.
  • Easy - Just adjust each each carb against the reference carb until the dual LED flashes at the "Pa" mark.
  • Comes complete with carrying case and two 5mm & two 6mm rigid threaded carb adapters. Includes a tachometer with 50rpm increments.
  • Includes small screwdriver & 4 replacement cover seals