This product has been discontinued

Tirox Speed Wax Detailer


  • Manufacturer: Tirox


Tirox Speed Wax Detailer

Tirox® Speed Wax Detailer produces an optically clear, flexible, non-yellowing and chemical-resistant bonded layer of protection. It has a pleasant scent too so you can use it indoors or on any interior.
This easy, no-haze synthetic spray wax and detailer gives your bike a high-gloss shine and outstanding protection

  • A great after-cleaning spray wax/detailer
  • Prevents strong adhesion of bugs, tar, road film, etc.
  • Conceals minor scratches and swirls
  • No white residue
  • UV protection
  • It is anti-static so it repels dust
  • DIRECTIONS: Quick and easy to use, just spray and wipe to a radiant shine, no buffing necessary.