This product has been discontinued

Tirox Ultra Motorcycle Cleaner


  • Manufacturer: Tirox


Tirox Ultra Motorcycle Cleaner

  • The proprietary RRT (Radical Reflective Technology) allows wax to adhere better and last longer
  • Tirox® works great on skis, windscreens and swingarms; will not harm unprotected metals, anodizing, leather, plastics or composites
  • Ultra-safe on all new and old materials used on snowmobiles and ATVs
  • The easy spigot and microfiber cloth are included
  • You can easily get 20-30 washes from one 950ml (32 oz.) bottle.
  • Available in 950 mL (32 oz.) spray bottle or 20L (676 oz.) Jug

  • Use one of two ways:
    • 1) Completely spray vehicle and then rinse; or
    • 2) spray a few squirts per section and use a wash-glove then rinse before it dries.