This product has been discontinued

Two Brothers Juice Box PRO Premium Fuel Controller - 001-156


  • Manufacturer: Two Brothers



Manufacturer Part Number: 001-156

Two Brothers Racing Juice Box PRO Premium Fuel Controller

  • Increases horsepower
  • Improves throttle response
  • Uses OEM style connectors
  • Small, Lightweight and Easy-to-Fit on the bike
  • Pre-programmed with TBR Power Maps
  • No computer necessary for top level fuel management
  • Fully adjustable computer compatibility
  • Software is compatible with Power Commander maps
  • Easy to use software included.
  • Custom-Designed Fuel Mapping
  • Juice Box Pro is the only fuel management interface to offer preloaded, dyno tested bike-specific mapping and the ability to fully customize and build your own Power Maps via computer in a simple to- install, user-friendly component.
  • Through TBRs Top Tune Software, the fuel circuits on current sport bikes can be modified both richer and leaner than stock as much as -100% to +250% in any particular area of the power spread with the Juice Box Pro. Also, up to 10 pre-programmed
  • TBR Power Maps (custom made and dyno tested for each Two Brothers Racing exhaust system) are adjustable to your preference.
  • Riders can literally select between a TBR Power Map, custom-built maps, or even fine tune low, mid or high rpm ranges while sitting on the bike and without plugging in to a computer. Standard +/- 10% increments from selected map settings, different ranges are available using the supplied Top Tune software.

Installation Instructions

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