This product has been discontinued

Two Brothers M-2 Full System Exhaust Titanium - 005-2130108V


  • Manufacturer: Two Brothers


Manufacturer Part Number: 005-2130108V

Two Brothers Racing M-2 V.A.L.E. Full System - Titanium

  • This system completely replaces your existing exhaust system
  • Not only adds horsepower but also can drop significant weight from your bike
  • Header systems are built as a complete unit
  • Finished systems flow better at the collectors, makes more power and does not vibrate on the bike
  • M series exhaust canisters feature the highest level of quality construction and are designed to be fully serviceable in the event of damage, routine maintenance or the occasional repack
  • V.A.L.E. slip-on/full exhaust systems and flange-on systems feature CNC machined aluminum inlets and outlets. These special designs provide for ease of maintenance as well as simplified construction, which is what a premium performance product is all about
  • The exhaust note produced by all Top Level exhaust systems is best described as being deep and throaty without suffering from the shrill whine normally associated with other manufacturers straight through muffler canisters
  • All of the canisters perform and sound the same, they are simply different sizes. They all incorporate exclusive technologies and premium materials
  • The shape and orientation is determined by TBR R&D department, based on a performance criteria check list
  • Pick the sleeve material that best fits your taste
  • Width: 3.75in.
  • Height: 4.85in.
  • Sleeve Material: Polished Aluminum. Carbon Fiber otTitanium
  • Outlet Endcap: Die Cast Magnesium
  • Core Diameter: 1.75in. or 2.25in.

Installation Instructions