This product has been discontinued

AMPZ Multi-Function Power Supply - 9319-AMPZ


  • Manufacturer: AMPZ


AMPZ Multi-Function Power Supply


  • This is the world’s smallest and lightest vehicle jump starter and multi-function power supply
  • High capacity Nano Lithium Polymer battery pack
  • Fast charging with low self-discharge cycles; can be charged and discharged over 1,000 times
  • Contains 3 power ports: 19V for laptops, 12V standard output and 5V USB output
  • Built-in protection against over-charging and over-discharging
  • Automatic power shutdown when not in use
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2-7/8" x 1"
  • Weight: 14 oz/420g


  • Convenient carrying case
  • Multi-function power supply/jump starter
  • Mini-jumper cable with anti-backcharge technology
  • Assorted charging tips- fits most electronic devices/laptops
  • USB & laptop connector
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • User manual

Manufacturer Part Number: 9319-AMPZ