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Why You Need Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are often designed to look normal, so it’s easy to forget about all their special features.

In terms of safety, riding footwear normally has armour plating, heat and abrasion resistant materials, double or triple stitching, exoskeletal rigidity and more. See the next section for further details.

Safety aside, a motorcycle boot is still worthwhile for functional reasons. In fact, purpose-built footwear is one of the cheapest performance upgrades you can buy. Motorcycle boots are designed to work with foot pegs and will solidify your riding stance. They have shifter panels and structural stiffness, which gives tighter, quicker gear changes and braking. Moreover, they’re made to transmit touch sensitivity from the foot controls. So, motorcycle footwear is crucial for staying in-tune with your machine.

Finally, motorcycle boots are made to resist specific wear patterns. Repeated contact with the shifting knob, intense pressure from serrated foot pegs – that kind of thing. Likewise, the materials in motorcycle boots are designed to withstand exposure to heat and oil. And since they sit next to your engine all day, that’s a very good thing. What I’m saying is, if you ride with your nice walking boots, you’re only going to ruin them.

Think of it like this: Motorcycling with regular boots is like swimming laps in a tuxedo. It’s possible, but you’re not going to win any races. And you might drown. And you’ll definitely wreck the tux. So why not get a bathing suit?

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