This product has been discontinued

Xena Xena XE-HD Disc Lock Alarm


  • Manufacturer: Xena


Xena remains the only lock where the two work together at a much lower cost than kitting your bike out with the standard alarm units. With no on/off switches to think about, operation couldn't be easier. Simply attach the lock to your brake disk and the alarms arms itself for storage in the travel case provided. Xena remains the first and only company to merge both devices into a single, portable unit that can be held in the palm of your hand.

All Xena Models Feature:
  • 110db warning siren
  • Motion sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Microprocessor Equipped
  • "Smart" LED Arming Sensor
  • Detachable Electronic Module
  • High security key and barrel
  • Spare battery pack included
XEHD Specifications:
  • Inert gas hardened steel
  • Dual locking pin system
  • 1/2" (14mm) locking pin
  • 2 1/2" (62mm) brake-disc throat
  • Dual shock movement sensors
  • High security key and barrel