This product has been discontinued

Yoshimura Cherry Bomb Coax Relay Bypass Module


  • Manufacturer: Yoshimura


Yoshimura Cherry Bomb Coax Relay Bypass Module
  • Developed in conjunction with the Honda Factory Race Team, this evolutionary new exhaust system combines increased power, light weight, and lower mass to provide an overall benefit to the big Hondas performance.
  • The pentagonal-shaped muffler features a carbon fiber cone end-cap, 2-staged, stepped baffle and striking looks. The tapered header pipe design progresses in diameter from 1-1/2in. up to 1-7/8in. as it enters the muffler for optimal flow. The RS-4 muffler features a resonator front cap design, that functions as an expansion chamber. The design makes for a quieter muffler with improved mid-to-top-end power. The design is also extremely light but most importantly, the RS-4 design centralizes mass for improved handling.