This product has been discontinued

Arva ProW Avalanche Beacon


  • Manufacturer: Arva


Arva ProW Avalanche Beacon

Equipped with the latest ARVA technology, the Pro-W is the most complete product on the market. With a secondary frequency, analog mode, an auto-revert system in the case of a secondary avalanche, and multiple victim marking and selecting, the Pro-W is a powerful tool for avalanche rescue. From the professional and most demanding users to the recreational user, Pro-W was developed for performance while staying user-friendly.

  • Search band width: 50 m
  • Transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency + W-link 868 Mhz
  • Digital and analog
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple victims with creation of scrollable list
  • Marking and unmarking function (3 or 5m) for multiple victims situations
  • Motion detector for automatic switch to transmit mode.
  • Operating time: 250+ hours
  • Power supply: 4 AAA/ LR03 alkaline batteries
  • Frequence meter
  • Stand by mode
  • Compass
  • Earphones plug
  • Software updates

  • Search band width: 50m
  • Receiving hours: 40
  • Micro Processor: 32 bits cortex M3
  • Size: 115x73x20mm
  • Weight: 260g