This product has been discontinued

FXR Tactic BOA H3 Focus Boots


  • Manufacturer: FXR


FXR Tactic BOA® H3 Focus Snowmobile Boots

FXR worked together with high profile athletes like Bret Rasmussen and BOA® engineers, to create a high-end, snowmobile-specific boot. The goals were simple: create a slim profile boot with maximum support and tightening capability. The process: slim down the hoot two full sizes to eliminate bulk and extra weight and develop a molded toe cap eliminate seam failures and snagging. Double layers of inner reinforcements were then added for stiffness and stability. FXR worked with BOW to develop minimized TPU reel guards, allowing the use of their all new H3 Coder Reels. Pre-wound to take up cable slack, the H3 Coiler Reel automatically draws in excess lace, while the 41 gear ratio provide unparalleled strength. The BOA® Focus system incorporates dual reels for zonal tensioning and optimized ankle support. For additional support, a speed-lace tensioned removable liner was incorporated. The thick EVA midsole absorbs hard impact while the FXR high-traction outsole, with toe and heel kick, was designed specifically for running board stability in all riding positions. A 100% seam sealed waterproof inner liner keeps things dry. Built for the rider that demands the most out of himself, his sled and his gear. The Tactic BOA® H3 Focus Boot is the most advanced snowmobile boot in the world.

  • Boot Stiffness: 10/10
  • Cold Insulation: 9/10
  • BOA Focus dual zonal tensioning system
  • H3 Coiler tongue reel with 4:1 mechanical ratio
  • H3 Remote reel with 4:1 mechanical ratio
  • Ultra low-profile toe box height
  • Minimal seams in sled-contact areas
  • Heavy duty genuine rubber reinforcements
  • Removable liner w/speed lace
  • Highly water resistant outer
  • 100% seam sealed inner lining
  • FXR High-Traction outsole
  • Toe and heel kick
  • EVA midsole
  • Stiff upper reinforcements
  • Achilles support inserts
  • Calf-cushion support
  • Micro fur lining