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How Motorcycle Luggage Affects Handling

If you attach luggage up high, then you'll raise the bike’s center of gravity. This will make it more “tippy” in general. The front wheel will be more likely to lift in acceleration, while the rear wheel may lift in braking.

If you attach luggage to the rear of the motorcycle, you'll shift the center of gravity backwards. This makes the motorcycle more prone to under-steer, and the front wheel will be liable to slip in corners.

If you attach luggage near the front of a motorcycle, you'll shift the center of gravity forwards. In this case, the motorcycle will be more likely to over-steer, with the rear wheel prone to slipping out in corners.

If you attach luggage on the sides, you'll increase the width of your motorcycle. This can decrease the bike's available lean angle.

With all luggage, the motorcycle will become heavier. It will be more difficult to balance at slow speeds, and you may have to adjust your tire pressure according to the new weight.

Luggage can also have a cluttering effect. Before you ride, check to make sure that your riding position, steering column and suspension travel is uninhibited.

This is all theoretical fluff; none of us learned to ride by reading an article. Just install the luggage, get out on the road, and take it easy until you're used to the new feel!

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