Steadymate Premium Motorcycle Wheel Chock - 80014

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Steadymate Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The Steadymate Motorcycle Wheel Chock is ideal for trailering your motorcycle, bike or motorcycle maintenance, and motorcycle storage! Never suffer another accidental tip over!

Use it with a trailer or pick-up truck for safe transportation of your motorcycle. It can also be used in your garage or shop.

Want to mount it in your trailer? No problem! The hardware is included!

Here's a product for all of you who have to haul your motorcycle to events. Steadymate has long been a leader in supplying tie downs for various big boys toys. If you have to haul it you've probably used a tie down built by Steadymate to keep it upright and secure. You don't want your expensive machine flopping around in the back of a trailer.

Now Steadymate has introduced a new motorcycle wheel chock to help you out. It's easy to use and is adjustable to fit most size wheels and tires. It's also built low to the ground making it easy to roll into and one person can load a bike. You can either permantly mount the chock to your trailer but it also has rubber feet to prevent it from moving. Of course it is recommended that you have to use it in conjunction with tie downs to be really secure.

Steadymate – the leader in safely and securely tying down your recreational toys – has introduced a heavy duty Wheel Chock designed for trailering, shop maintenance and storage for all types of motorcycles.

"We designed a premium Wheel Chock that is multipurpose and easy to use," explained Larry Harrison, President of Steadymate. "No kick stand is required as the chock's pivot point uses gravity to lock the bike upright. Best of all, it will not damage your bike in transit as there are no side rails or supports to rub the tires, rims or fenders. No more dents, dings or rubs!"


  • Assembles easily in about 15 minutes
  • Low to the floor design (with a lower pivot point) makes it easier to roll into
  • Flexible design allows two options when trailering your bike (stand alone or installed)
  • Keeps your bike supported straight up and allows for 1-person tie down operation
  • Adjustable to fit all motorcycles, including tire diameters from 14" to 26"
  • Reflective sticker on chock helps align bike in low light situations
  • Finish is electronically sealed into the metal to inhibit corrosion and all hardware salt spray tested for outdoor use
  • No side braces or rails unlike other chocks, which can damage rims and white walls in transit
  • Perfect for scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, sport bikes, cruisers and choppers.
  • No additional hardware required – complete for either Rubber feet or permanent installation.

Steadymate recommends that riders use the 4 x 45° rule when they secure their bike for transit – four tie-downs (two in the front and two in the rear), each at a 45° angle to the bike (top to bottom and front to back).

Steadymate offers a complete line of transit solutions for motorcycles (not to mention ATVs, Snowmobiles and Boats), helping riders and their vehicle get to their destination safely and securely.

Manufacturer Part Number: 80014