This product has been discontinued

Gerbing 7 Heated Gloves Liner


  • Manufacturer: Gyde by Gerbing


Gerbing coreheat7 Glove Liner


Gerbing's new ultra-lightweight Coreheat7 Glove has their most advanced, on-wrist LED controller. These gloves are highly dexterous, warm and durable, with up to 8 hours of heat are ready for speed all day long.

Core / 7V Power Source:

Gerbing's 7v products are designed to be powered by rechargeable lithium battery packs. These products are not designed to be powered by a 12-volt electrical system and allow you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere.

  • Heated on both sides
  • Includes a 7V 2200MAH rechargeable battery and wall charger
  • Material: Lycra
  • Max Heat: 135°F (57&degC) @ 7.7W
  • Power: 7V 2.2Ah li battery