This product has been discontinued

Klock Werks Platinum Series Revolver Slip-On Mufflers


  • Manufacturer: Klock Werks


Klock Werks Platinum Series Revolver Slip-On Mufflers

  • These 4in. Slip-on Mufflers have a contoured slash-cut end which is adjustable to eight different positions (every 45 degrees)
  • Consistent with the Klock Werks exhaust and muffler line, these slip-on mufflers are not just another muffler adapted for use on touring/baggersthey are designed specifically for touring bikes and road use
  • The mufflers have a deep throaty rumble when profiling around town or under acceleration, but diminishes to a low hum under steady cruisinggreat for long trips
  • Proprietary baffle setup has been rigorously sound- and performance-tested
  • The baffle extends to the front of the muffler body and actually clamps to the head pipe along with the body
  • Design allows exhaust gases to enter directly into the baffle and eliminates the hot spot discoloration that generally occurs mid-muffler or where the baffle traditionally starts inside of the muffler body
  • Provide long-lasting style without sacrificing performance
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in pairs