About AirHawk

Inflatable seat pads – comfort for long rides. Large enough to fit any seat size – your bikes and yours. Riding on a cloud of air – the natural cushioning medium.

  • Passion for eliminating numbness, pressure points, moisture, body heat.
  • Shape fitting technology dates to 1973
  • Made in the USA
  • Technology initially developed in the medical field for wheelchair-bound people.
  • They found that the technology helps control vibration and absorb shock, which is perfect for motorcycles, and thus, launched airhawk in 1997.
  • Pressure mapping technology used to help equalize weight distribution à small interconnected cells of air can shift the volume of the seat to fit your specific motorcycle and derriere.

Air Hawk is the preeminent manufacturer of inflatable seat cushions for motorcycles. While the company was launched in 1997, their shape fitting technology dates back to 1973. Originally intended for wheelchair-bound patients, the air-cell design allows for maximum comfort in periods of extended sitting.

Air Hawk produces cushions for any seat size – your bike’s and yours. Using the natural cushioning medium of air, the pad will arrange its volume to fit any shape. The concept is simple, and offers relief for numbness, pain and moisture. Air Hawk has perfected their design with complex pressure mapping technology and all-American build quality.