This product has been discontinued

Scott Hustle Thermal WORKS Lens


  • Manufacturer: Scott


  • Scott USA's unique, proprietary AMP lens tints provide the ultimate visibility with increased depth perception and contrast
  • All lenses are constructed from .030 hard-coated Lexan® for maximum protection
  • All WORKS lenses include pins
  • Standard Hustle tear-off includes 20 individual tear-offs along with WORKS pins and post
  • Laminated Pro Stack tear-offs include stacks of three; each package includes three books and WORKS pins and post
  • Exceptionally contrasting lens which reduces glare and is a great option for sunny to medium-light days
  • Dual-layer lens is designed to reduce fogging in cold and wet conditions
  • The patented Amplifier lens tint is capable of deciphering exceptional detail in low light conditions while adapting perfectly for use on sunny days
  • Improved depth perception and exceptional detail in all weather