About AMS

ATV and Dirtbike tires – paddles for sand riding. High tech rubber (runs cooler when friction generates heat), paddles wrap around for increased traction especially on hill climbs.

All terrain ATV tires – Also tires specifically for mud – if you’re an adventurer looking for deep down bogs and mountain high sand dunes, then AMS tires has the ride-specific gear to set you ahead of the pack. Also has SIDEWALL tread to get you out of deep bogs, sand, snow, whatever it is. Made for people who love to get in deep, and get out again.

  • Motto: “Built for the demanding”

If you’re an adventurer looking for deep down bogs and mountain-high sand dunes, then AMS is your kind of company. AMS has a keen eye for the most extreme riders and terrain. Their motto – built for the demanding – sums up their manufacturing philosophy. Each tire is built for intense use, and is specially engineered to perform in those demanding situations.

AMS tires feature high tech rubber, which runs cooler than other compositions. So, their tires are perfect for high-friction riding environments like sandy surfaces. AMS tires also feature tread patterns that extend around the tire’s sidewall. This improves traction for hill climbs, mud, snow and sand. AMS provides tires for those who love to get in deep. Better yet, they provide the engineering to ride through it.