This product has been discontinued

Stop & Go Fix-n-Flate Tire Repair


  • Manufacturer: Stop and Go


After performing the unpleasant task of dismounting your deflated tube-type tire, you can patch the tube with these six feather edge cold patches that self vulcanize from friction heat and rubber cement. You need not dismount your tubeless tire as this kit includes five reinforced rubber string plugs for an 'on the wheel' repair using the split-eye needle insertion tool. This brand new kit comes in a heavy-duty zippered canvas bag that measures 7" in diameter x 1 1/4" thick and weighs only 14 oz. - It features the Engine-Air Pump with a longer 5 foot hose and quick release lever (size does matter). (See Inflation Devices) Motorcycles with easy access to their spark plugs can utilize this unit for an unlimited supply of clean outside air. It works on twins and multi-cylinder engines.

Easy access to one spark plug is necessary!

Now works on late model BMW’s, ST Model & Pan European Honda’s (all years) and Harley- Davidsons (all years) with American made Adapters

ST Model & Pan European Honda Models (all years) requires the purchase of the Item No. ST001 separately.

Product Contents

  • (3) 1 1/4" Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (2) 2" Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (1) 1 3/4" x 3" Oblong Vulcanizing Patch
  • (5) 4 1/2" "On the Wheel" Rubber Insertion Strips
  • Thumb Buffer
  • Split-Eye Needle Insertion Tool
  • Engine-Air Tire Pump 60" Hose with Quick Release
  • Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve and 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, and 10mm Adapters (Fits most motorcycles)
  • Tube of Rubber Cement (1/2 fluid oz.)
  • Laminated Instructions
  • Round Heavy Duty Canvas Zippered Bag (7" diameter x 1")
  • Weighs: 1 lb. 3 oz.