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TecMate TestMate Sport Battery Tester


  • Manufacturer: TecMate


TecMate TestMate Sport Battery Tester

The TestMate Sport is an easy-to-use portable battery tester specifically developed for all 12V motorcycle, ATV / Quad, snowmobile & personal watercraft starter batteries from 2 to 35Ah (SAE) rated capacity. Batteries of various different types of construction can be accurately tested for service-readiness & the amount or percentage of SAE or DIN rated CCA remaining, by way of 3 selectable programs.

  • 3 test programmes :-
    STD / FILLER CAP for batteries with filler caps.
    SEALED / AGM / GEL for MF (“Maintenance-Free”) motorcycle batteries
    of the type with Absorbent Glass Mat separators, whether dry-charged or
    “wet” factory-filled & -activated, of Yuasa & GS Battery (YT, YTR, YTX),
    East Penn Manufacturing (ETX), & their after-market equivalents, and
    starter batteries with gel-electrolyte construction, (Exide).
    HIGH POWER AGM for Yuasa (& equivalent) YTZ & YTX “High
    Performance” MF, Extreme & Odyssey®.
  • Result is displayed as:
    CCA (Cold Cranking Amps - SAE / DIN selectable)
    Residual charge as % of rated Ah capacity
    Short text giving test result summary (e.g. OK / Recharge & retest / Bad - recycle)
  • Powered by a replaceable 9V battery.
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