This product has been discontinued

Arai Corsair V/RX-Q Cheek Pads


  • Manufacturer: Arai


Arai Corsair V/RX-Q Cheek Pads

  • Replacement cheek pads for the Corsair-V and RX-Q models, with textured Grey Dry-Cool surface material, sculpted contact surface for an improved secure fit with a softer feel.
  • Noise attenuating foam in the earpocket help reduce noise and these cheekpads also feature the Emergency Cheepad Removal strap.

Note: All cheek pads are interchangeable between the different helmet sizes. Remember, if you need more room in the helmet you need to order a smaller (thinner) cheek pad. To make a helmet tighter, you would need to buy a larger (thicker) cheek pad.