This product has been discontinued

Camoplast RipSaw 1.5 Cross-Country Tracks 15in. x 120in. - 9159C


  • Manufacturer: Camso


Manufacturer Part Number: 9159C

Camoplast Solideal Rip Saw 1.5 Cross-Country Tracks - 15in. x 120in.

  • Highly aggressive with angled profiles for outstanding bite, handling and acceleration in all conditions
  • If you attack the nastiest trails, roughtest ditches and off-trail terrain, the cross country tracks are built for you
  • Provide exceptional hookup on loose soft snow and powder
  • Extremely predictable and precise tracking for superior handling
  • Offered in 15 sizes, seven profiles and two lugh heights
  • Drive Pitch - 2.86in.
  • Lug Height - 1.5in. (single ply)
  • Fully clipped
  • Windows - all open
  • Weight - 37lbs.
  • NOTE: When installing track with taller lug, check clearance between bulkhead and tunnel

NOTE: Not all tracks can be installed on all sleds without modification. To determine if an optional track is compatible with a particular snowmobile, you must check the bulkhead, tunnel, heat exchanger, and suspension wheel positioning for proper clearance. It is your responsibility to verify that there is adequate clearance for an optional track. Camoplast will not be held liable for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of their tracks.