This product has been discontinued

Yoshimura TRC-D 4 Into 1 Full System Exhaust


  • Manufacturer: Yoshimura


Yoshimura TRC-D 4 Into 1 Full System Exhaust
  • The TRC-D resembles the TRC muffler, but with one very special feature. The TRC-D features the same Tri-Oval shaped sleeve, but Yoshimura took it a step further and created a Dual-Taper, Dual-Tip Carbon cone endcap.
  • The Dual-Taper exhaust manages sound better in both high flow and high power applications.
  • The resultant sound output is music to the ears... and lower lap times on the track.
  • Full System exhaust kits include a 4:2:1 header design with a single muffler mounted on the right side, minimizing unwanted weight for the performance oriented rider.
  • The Full System weighs considerably less than the dual factory configuration, while maximizing usable power and torque throughout the entire RPM band, providing optimal gains.