This product has been discontinued

Shoei CW-1 Photochromic Pinlock Shield


  • Manufacturer: Shoei


Shoei CW-1 Photochromatic Pinlock Faceshield for X-12 / Qwest / RF-1100 Helmets by Transitions Transitions Photochromic technology allows visors to automatically and seamlessly change from clear to dark in sunlight. The process works when photochromic dyes embedded into the lens or shield react to UV light, changing levels of darkness with the sun.

When UV light is removed, a chemical reaction driven by ambient heat reconverts the activated photochromic molecules to their original, clear form and the lens fades.

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Fades to 50% transmission in two minutes
  • Anti-reflective Coating
  • Pinlock ready
  • Manufactured by Transitions, the leading manufacturer of photochromatic lenses world-wide