This product has been discontinued

Motul Motowash Factory Line


  • Manufacturer: Motul


Type of use:
  • MOTUL MOTOWASH FACTORY LINE's Power Gel formula cleans in depth the most resistant spots and leaves the plastic parts and rims clean and shiny.
  • All surfaces : Plastic, synthetic fibres, paintwork,varnish, metal...
  • For Motocross races where BIODEGRADABLE products are especially recommended by the organizers.
  • Power Gel does not run and cleans in depth.
  • Efficiently removes all traces of grease, dust, soil, mosquitoes, brake pad residue...
  • Dries evenly.
  • Leaves a dry anti-corrosion film.
  • Protects paintwork and varnish.
  • Biodegradable : MOTUL MOTOWASH FACTORY LINE is environment friendly.
  • Green colored
  • Do not use in the sunshine or over hot surfaces.
  • Spray generously all over the whole motorcycle.
  • Allow to work for a few minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water, jet, or steam pressure.
  • For very dirty parts, repeat the operation and scrub with a sponge or a soft rag.
  • Use a soft cloth to obtain a perfect finish.