This product has been discontinued

S&S Cycle 510C Chain Drive Camshaft Kit - 33-5182


  • Manufacturer: S and S Cycle


Manufacturer Part Number: 33-5182

S&S Cycle 510C Chain Drive Camshaft Kit

  • Designed as a bolt in cam for 88in., 95in., and 96in. engines with compression ratios below 9.7:1. Intended primarily for stock heads that have not been ported.
  • As quiet as stock but produces significant power increases across the RPM range, especially above 3000 RPM
  • Compatible with the stock splined chain sprocket used in 00-06 Twin Cam (exc. 2006 Dyna) engines, but may be used in 1999 engines if the H-D 00-04 style splined rear cam sprocket is used
  • Intake Opening (degrees): 20
  • Intake Closing (degrees): 38
  • Exhaust Opening (degrees): 52
  • Exhaust Closing (degrees): 20
  • Intake Duration (degrees): 238
  • Exhaust Duration (degrees): 252
  • Intake Lift (in): .510
  • Exhaust Lift (in): .510
  • Intake Lift at TDC (in): .187
  • Exhaust Lift at TDC (in): .179
  • Since 510C cams are used with the stock chain cam drive system, they are recommended for use with cylinder heads with stock valve springs or performance valve springs with no more than 160 lbs. of seat force. For more demanding applications we recommend the S&S gear drive cams.