This product has been discontinued

S&S Cycle High-Performance Valve Collar


  • Manufacturer: S and S Cycle


S&S Cycle High-Performance Valve Collar

  • .640 lift triple valve spring kit
  • Designed to simplify high-lift cam installation and reduce the risk of valve float
  • Eliminates most of the complicated procedures and specialized tools required to prepare cylinder heads for high lift cams
  • While confirming critical clearances remains the responsibility of the engine builder, most street cams for Evolution or Twin Cam 88 engines will require no additional modification of the cylinder head
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Includes 4 top collars, 4 bottom collars, 4 each outer, middle and inner springs, 8 shims (4 each .015, 4 each .030), and 8 keepers
  • Use with shoulderless-style valve guides. Special keepers included fit valves with stock 5/16 stems and S&S collars only. Spring seat pressure is typically 170 lbs. at stock 1.800 installed height. Open pressure is 390 lbs. at .560 lift, 415 lbs. at .630 lift
  • Patented steel top collars are drilled for lightness and to increase cooling oil flow over valve springs. Kits are available with low mass titanium top collars for very high performance applications
  • Fits S&S Super Stock, stock Harley Davidson 99-04 Twin Cam 88 and Evolution heads and other heads that require stock O.D. outer spring